Term 2

Thursday, 15 June 2017


This term our topic for IBL is Lightening the Load. Ms Vahry has got 3 problems and it is up to the Year 6 classes to solve them.
The three problems are:
  • She has to carry six two litre milk bottles to the staff room twice every week
  • Carrying crackers and tissues every week with not enough arms
  • Trying to lug paper around on a broken trolley

For these problems we need to come up with a solution and we need to make sure that the model will work. Here are some photos down below of us in action!

By Gracie

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day
Grandparents day has been a blast! We had an exciting day spending time with our lovely grandparents. Some of us were lucky enough to get a few books from the book fair! Here are a few poems that we have wrote to show how much we appreciate them:

What are Grandparents made of?

Your love inside is impossible to hide
All the birds funny names I love them all.
You come to celebrate each special holiday.
Love like yours is hard to find.
That’s what you are made of.
Explore and run to find your fun.
I adore all the clothing you get for me.
I’ve loved you for all my life.
And that smile I can’t deny.
That’s what you are made of.
Joy and care and emotions to share.
A loving heart for a joyful start.
Facts to teach for my own reach.
That’s what you are made of.
 By Xavier

A hugger, a kisser. A grandchild misser
A thoughtful listener. An opinion giver 
A son embarrasser. A grandchild’s story teller
A willing hand to hold offer, coming from their heart of gold and copper...
That’s what my grandparents are
A storyteller from the past; carrying memories to last
The smiles they create are more then great
Their pavs galore and eyes that adore
They take their time to add the extra touch that says “I love you very much.”
That’s what my grandparents are...
Nanny & pappy, I love you to the moon and back and even further then that!

Lots of love Sammie! Xx


The cheerful talks
The charming walks
Will make me play
For the rest of the day

The delicious chips n dip
Will always find my lips
And a yummy mandarin
“Please count me in”

That’s what you're made of

Up and down the river
Will usually make me quiver
When we play gin
I love it when you win

You always make me smile
Even past a mile
And when the joyful tears appear
They give us cheers and beers

That's what you're made of

Thanks for watching me score goals
I know you're fantastic at lawn bowls
You are really good at bridge
Hopefully Mabel doesn't fall off the ridge

That is what Grandma is made of
By Hudson
Dear Poppa Don

A joy like your’s, is hard to find
A life with you, I wouldn’t mind
I love you to bits, Poppa Don
You make me smile all along

The times we spent at Yumchaa
Are moments I never want to forget
That grin you have is a delight
And there’s not one grey hair in sight
Warm hugs and kisses and beautiful wishes
Taking me places and you’re always there when I win my races
You’re the best Won-Ton-Don-Ton
Love from your best granddaughter E.M.I

By Emison

What You Are Made Of

Dear Nana

You go on campervan trips, beach dips
We have Taipa fun, under the sun
Staying the night in your warm cosy house, I never get a fright, and you wouldn’t hurt a mouse!
Collecting smurfs, and watching my soccer on the turf
That’s What You Are Made Of
I love you, and Scruffy does too!
When you bring me a mini cucumber, it cures my hunger
You do every chore, I couldn’t want more
That’s What You Are Made Of
You’re eyes shine bright like an angel in the sun, I hope I’m your favourite grandson
Your lovely voice I hear, is music to an ear
That What You Are Made Of
I play my mum at Chinese Checkers, but playing you is always better
I love you from the bottom of my heart, that love will never fall apart
The love inside I cannot hide
When you go I will want to cry, I never want to say goodbye

Love From Reeve

Monday, 6 March 2017


Last week Room 2 went to camp with Room 1 and Room 3. We had loads of fun from rock climbing to horse riding, survival night, the mud run, archery, the Burma trail and more! Though we all do miss camp we came home tired, dirty, and ready to enjoy a warm hot shower! Here are some of Room 2’s favourite things that we did at camp:
  • Horse Games - The feeling of riding a horse all by ourselves and then braiding Brittany’s mane afterwards was pretty special.
  • The Mud Run - We all lavished in the smelly, livid mud. (especially Gracie and Hikurangi: the muddiest girl and boy)
  • The Flying Fox - Whizzing through the air on a flying fox seemed SO FUN to everyone… except the ones who were afraid of heights!
  • Survival Night - Cooking our own food, making our own fire, sleeping in tents were some experiences that we will never forget.

Make sure to check out the photos and footage below :)

By Anna

Monday, 6 February 2017

Be More Dog!

Be More Dog!

What did you think of this clip?
Why do you think it was shared with you?
What is your favourite bit?
How does this clip relate to you?

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Welcome to Room 2!


2017 is going to be an amazing year! Our classroom blog is place where you will get updates about up coming events, a place where you can share your learning with others and a place for us to put all of our photos!